Entrepreneurship is a major step towards ultimate independence for Africa

May 23 2016

Entrepreneurship is a major step towards ultimate independence for Africa

Innovative and productive Individuals, nations and businesses are the ones that make the rules, control resources and shape the environment we live in. With that being said, most, if not all African nation have not yet gained ultimate independence. They have no bargaining power, they take what is given.

Beggars are not choosers. It’s true to an individual as it is true to a nation or business. Offer something that is irresistible and scarce, people will come for it.

I’m an African, we’ve been crying foul to the western countries, yet we are not taking major steps toward self-reliance. We are stuck in our self-destructive politics which uses campaigns that promote a dependency syndrome across the continent. We are literally waiting for a messiah, hopping that the western countries will negotiate in our favor instead of theirs, or hoping that the next political party in power will end all our problems.

Let me share some facts. If we don’t improve our innovation and productivity as a continent we’ll cry all we want but we’ll never catch up with the western countries regardless of the resources under us. Take some time to check most of the products you use daily (digital download or physical) and trace their origins. While doing that, remember the innovator owns the rights to that product and has a relevant legal documentation (e.g. patent) to protect the innovation. This means the innovator earns a percentage of gains for every product sold (e.g. royalties). This literally means there are billions of dollars gravitation out of Africa.

Now the practical solution for this problem is for us Africans to engage in a different form of mining, that is mining our brain for valuable ideas. Let’s stop surviving while waiting for the messiah and start living.  Let’s innovate and improve our bargaining power the only way to earning ultimate independence.

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